Thursday, January 31, 2013

slow down you crazy child.

billy pianoman from Amy Lanza on Vimeo.

{mr. piano man at vandy}

i've never been more smitten with nashville than i've been in the past few months.  but watching billy joel perform a "Q+A" session in langford tonight pretty much takes the cake.  he was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS - but in the best way possible.  at the beginning of the night, i'm pretty sure we all questioned whether he had nursed a bottle of vodka before taking the stage, but by the end, we were unsure whether or not we had just witnessed an earthly descendant of God. that good.

lessons learned tonight from BJ:
  1. if you want your record to sell more, have the archdiocese of saint louis ban it from existence (ie. what happened to "only the good die young").  hipster children will be all over that. 
  2. in order to have a top hit, write 4 bad songs and then make up for it with 4 good ones. 
  3. you can only be extremely happy or extremely sad when you write songs - if you're anything in between, no one cares.
  4. if you're competent in a world of incompetence, you are extraordinary.
  5. everyone has confronted some form of resistance (ie. writer's block).  the trick is to know that you've been successful before - which allows you to know that it's possible to go back. 

other highlights of my week:
  • sitting in the basement of towers 3 during tornado warnings from 3 to 4 am this morning.  going to bed 2 hours later at 6 am and waking up at 3 pm. what is my life? 
  • accidentally mistaking my acetone/nail polish remover for eye-makeup remover (p.s. - don't do that)
  • being accepted into my first grad school for my mph in epidemiology. i'm going to be a real person!!!
"if you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time."
- billy joel

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