Thursday, January 17, 2013

sooooo nashville.

{jackson's date, as per usual}

{birthdays all around}

{corsair artisan distillery}

{germantown cafe's delicious brunch with J + friends}

i was on my way to an appointment this week when i thought it started snowing.  i immediately rolled down the car window (okay, not immediately, because i was in a prius and i have NO IDEA who designed that car - probably aliens from the year 2053 because the window buttons are impossible to find) and stuck my hand outside, expecting a perfect snowflake to land on my palm.  that was when i realized it was hailing. sooooo nashville.

i was at the corsair distillery with some of J's friends this weekend, and a woman walked into the bar. WITH A BABY. IN A BABY SLING. sooooo nashville.

i decided to go out with J's friends on saturday night to watch his friend's boyfriend casually "play a set." the night ended on the second floor of a random bar on a quiet street in east nashville, watching a super talented artist i've never heard of who i'll probably never hear of again.  it drives me crazy that kesha is blowing up ma phone (phone), and that people with real talent are still playing in aforementioned venues. soooooo nashville.

and oh wait, i lied. that night ended at a lesbian karaoke bar. a lesbian karaoke bar that serves free hotdogs.

..... sooooo nashville.

inspiration brought to you from hillsboro village shop window (shown above):
"in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."
- coco chanel 

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