Thursday, January 3, 2013

hola, 2013! (aka atlanta picture overload)

{dekalb farmer's market obsessin'}

{atlanta thriftin'}

{the best burrito EVER droolin'}

{stone mountain hikin'}

{little 5 points nommin'}

{new year's celebratin'}

things i learned about atlanta this past weekend:
  • el burro pollo has the TASTIEST burritos - the 40 minute line outside the door is worth it.
  • vintage/thrift shopping is the best shopping. 
  • dekalb farmer's market eats your farmer's market for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • a one mile hike can be hard. when it is up a mountain.
things i learned from new year celebrations this past weekend: 
  • ringing in the new year with some old friends and some new friends is the best way to ring it in.
  • there are 25+ uses for "mazel tov" socks, or the best present of the year. 
    • ie. beer koozie, sweatband, potholder 
  • do not start festivities at 5 pm when 12 am is the end goal.
    • we were just tired from partying for 7 hours, right?
  • bring lots of 90's jams and so-bad-it's-good pop music on 6+ hour car rides. 
  • this year is going to be a good one.
HAPPY 2013!

"the best way out is always through."
- robert frost

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