Tuesday, January 22, 2013


9 reasons why you are a cool cat.
  1. you are taller than me, but not the kind of taller than me that i need to wear heels for.  you make it okay that i think heels are torture devices for women.  i will wear heels the day that men start having babies.
  2. you like that i have feminist tendencies. (see above)
  3. you laugh at my poop jokes.
  4. .... you make poop jokes.
  5. you use "your" and "you're" interchangeably, and i've told you 500 times, but i still want to talk to you everyday. this, my friend, is INSANE. 
  6. when you miss me you tell me you're going to jump in your car and press the nashville button.  do you guys have a boyfriend who installed a button in his car just for you?
  7. i've never second guessed telling you everything that goes through my mind through the day, and you listen, in both an engaged and curious way.
  8. you make anything, and everything, fun.
  9. you are always, unapologetically, and so wonderfully, yourself. 

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