Thursday, January 10, 2013

wonderful words, no 1.

i tell my friends that if i could go back in time, i would have gone to an art and design school.  not to say that i'm good at it, but i would have just gone. also not to say that my parents would have paid my tuition, but i would have just gone.  the situation would have been kind of similar to when i was thinking about majoring in art history at bowdoin and my dad said that he "really liked my hobby." i love support.

anyways, my friend will - who finished the sketchbook he's been working on for forever - incited my desire to get back into drawing over christmas break.  and because i like posting on this blog thing, and i like quotes, and i like typography, i'll be posting some form of "wonderful words" every so often, scribbled and scrawled by yours truly.

hope you find them as inspiring as i do.


in other news, first 22 before 23 finished: circle scarf!

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