Thursday, December 27, 2012

a list: peace out 2012.

{south padre island, tx}

as 2013 swiftly approaches, i ask myself the same questions i ask myself every year around this time: what would i change about this year? and what can i do better in the next?

it's common knowledge that we make resolutions that we are bound to break, as well as ones that set us up for undeniable failure.  concrete resolutions, such as exercise more!, spend more time with family!, and save more money!, are teased and tempted by that twinkie on the table (or not?), that nap that looks more appetizing than that coffee date with your aunt, and that new pair of shoes in the store window.  and more abstract resolutions, such as enjoy life!, are unable to be measured (unless i co-open a bakery in nyc with bradley cooper and start a mini pony farm. my smile would be 20 feet long, and my mini pony, 2).

so although i just explained why i believe one shouldn't make resolutions, part of the reason why i started this blog was to savor the small moments, celebrate life's successes, and garner inspiration for those days in which a gossip girl season 6 marathon seems tempting (read: a bad day).

on that note, here's my 22 before 23.  another bucket list to conquer.  in contrast to new year's resolutions, which inherently assume an improvement is necessary, bucket lists are "wants," rather than "needs" - an important distinction, in my opinion.  a few points on my list are pretty petty and random, but i'm saving the whole "stop global warming" thing for my 30th birthday.
  1. remember people's birthdays
  2. try 12 new restaurants
  3. learn how to use my camera (well)
  4. read 12 books (for fun)
  5. make a piece of art i'm proud of
  6. run on the reg - no matter the distance
  7. run my next half marathon under 2 hours (it's in writing. i said it. now i HAVE to do it, right?!)
  8. write more letters
  9. learn how to wear lipstick without looking like a clown 
  10. move into and furnish my first real place
  11. knit an ENTIRE scarf (i have, like, 6 that are half-way done.)
  12. plan, and go on, a backpacking trip through Europe
  13. figure out what i'm doing after graduation 
  14. finish my nashville bucket list (am i allowed to put that here?)
  15. take a vacation to somewhere new
  16. have a full-blown picnic
  17. learn to crochet 
  18. 8 glasses of water/day
  19. do something i've never done before (i know it's vague... but think of the possibilities!!!)
  20. do something that scares me
  21. own a pet (fish and small rodents not included.)
  22. GRADUATE COLLEGE. (i had to give myself at least one.)
now off to atlanta for some new year celebrations!

"the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." 
- carl jung

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