Sunday, September 2, 2012


{eid celebration on commons}

{fun with frands}

{annual nashville street food awards in centennial park}

judging by my previous post about fall, you should already know that i love a good list.  i'm convinced that if it was socially acceptable, i would literally list every single thing i do on a daily basis on a post-it note.  go to the bathroom? check.  eat breakfast? check.  call my mom-who-is-freaking-out-about-my-sister-not-having-yet-returned-from-cuba-even-though-her-arrival-date-was-yesterday (true story)? check.  the process of physically writing something down makes it much more tangible; the process of physically erasing something from my brain frees it up for more thinking space. type A personality for the win. 

that being said, i added the annual nashville street food awards to my nashville bucket list this weekend, and just as quickly proceeded to cross it off.  held in centennial park with 20+ food trucks, we enjoyed vegan + buffalo chicken wraps from 'wrapper's delight,' and chai tea latte snow cones from 'retro snotruck.'  i love how food trucks are the new cool thing.  FOOD? in a TRUCK? MINDBLOWING.  can't wait to see what new big thang is next.  


.... & more foodie moments on friday night: eid, the arabic word meaning "festivity," is the muslim holiday that marks the end of ramadan.  i came to understand the islamic tradition more this summer as one of my housemates fasted during the last month of our program.  such a cool tradition.  to celebrate, we ate bread the size of our face and questionably shaped meat kabobs. mmmmmm.

"when you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead."
- ernest hemingway

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