Monday, September 17, 2012

weekend, you're the loveliest.

{savarino's cucina}

 {the pharmacy}

{tennessee state fair}

a random conglomeration of thoughts at 1 am:

i crossed so many things off my bucket list this weekend that it's blowing my mind.  almost as much as the fact that i'm going to turn in my first REAL LIFE job application on tuesday.  hide yo kids, hide yo wife.  real person status up in here.

i wish i could bake my employers pumpkin chocolate chip cookies instead of sending them a cover letter outlining my strong desire to work in the field of public health.  but that would most likely be counterintuitive.

go to the pharmacy in nashville. order a hamburger with sweet potato fries. make sure the waiters don't sit you by the child play pen in the corner.  a little girl and boy chased each other around our table the entirety of our dinner.  said girl wore a camo shirt that read "i'm hiding from my brother." said boy wore a mullet.  i swore off ever having children for 30 minutes.

i think i'm going to add to my bucket list "meet person who designs stuffed animals for the tennessee state fair." at each fair game that we passed, at least six large stuffed bananas with dreadlocks hung above our heads. A BANANA WITH DREADS.  


"a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything."
- irish proverb

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