Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sounds good to me.

{picture: view from the highline. new york summer, 2011}

"i love the idea of the big life - the life that matters, the life that makes a difference.  the life where stuff happens, where people take action.  the opposite of the life where the girl can't even speak to the boy she likes, the opposite of the life where the friends aren't even good friends, and lots of days are wasted away feeling bored and kind of okay, like nothing matters much."
- e. lockhart

i love quotes. maybe it's because they are so simple and to the point. maybe it's because i think too much (...definitely). or maybe it's because words seem more important to me when they're corralled between two quotation marks.  you could probably put anything between quotation marks and i'd accept it as cold, hard fact.  for whatever reason my love for them endures, i'll be posting random words that are nestled between quotation marks whenever inspiration strikes.... along with favorite pictures that i've taken over the years, purely for my own eye-candy sake. 

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