Tuesday, December 18, 2012

life lately.

{last opryland lights in nashville}

{early birthday love from my suite - yes, that does say "big booty ho"}

{birthday with besties}

this is the first time i have come home during break and felt miserable in the florida heat.  yesterday i got dressed while aiming a blow dryer on the cool setting at my face. instant AC. 

maybe i'm meant for the north? maybe i'm having hot flashes because i'm now ancient and 22? 

despite the current state of my internal cooling system, this fall semester was a doozy.  thank god it's finally finished. from filling out grad school applications (oh wait, still doing those) to my school failing to acknowledge that there were still living, breathing beings on campus at the end of exam week (even quiznos was closed in towers 3, and that shit is ALWAYS open), i'm glad to be home. 

but as i previously implied, this is the time to figure ourselves out - whether it feels good or not.  it's kind of a cool thing to remember: that we're going through the most transformative time of our lives.  i'm so thankful for all of the wonderful people who showed me some lovin' at the start of my 22nd year - here's to another thrivin' three-sixty-five of laughing, learning, and being super cheesy. 


while my words feel futile in the face of such devastation, my heart goes out to those who were affected by the connecticut shootings last week.  it's at times like this in which i give thanks for this long winter break with those i love the most.

"i have decided to stick with love.  hate is too big a burden to bear."
- mlk jr.

p.s. - a shout out to suitemate laura, who recently moved out in preparation for her spring semester in argentina - the dorm feels emptier without you already. hope you put those salsa skills to good use ;) 

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