Friday, December 7, 2012

life lately.

{sipping and stroking at sips n' strokes' 1 year anniversary}

{roomie birthday celebrations at urban grub}

{mid-week pick-me-up}

{holiday sweets for some asb janky swappin'}

who came up with the phrase "ducks in a row"? if you asked me last year at this time how i felt about my future job prospects, i'm pretty sure i would've said that i could better relate to phrases such as: "baboons in a level 5 earthquake," "snakes on a plane," or "a rat at a petting zoo."  much more crazed, much more weird, and much more out of place.

(also HOWWW did that movie get a 68% on rotten tomatoes? just wondering.)

this past year has been stressful, and anxiety-ridden, and unpredictable.  but there was a moment, amid the uncertainty and worry, that i felt as if i was finally in a good groove.  i was doing exactly what i wanted to do - through my classes, through the opportunities i made for myself out of school, through random conversations each day.

this morning, i sat amid researchers, state health department officials, farmers, and non-profits at a food policy council here in tennessee.  as mark winne, whose website i had unknowingly stalked a month before, spoke on food advocacy and community organizing, i experienced this feeling once again.

i wish i had realized that i was never going to have that "AHA!" moment where the stars align and a perfect job falls right into your lap. i was going to have to just do what i love, grab whatever opportunity i could that caught my eye, and embrace my inner dweeb.  i know my ducks will still fail to find their place in line time and time again, but it's reassuring to remember that everything has a way of working out. and even though i still don't know what i'm doing next year, that it'll all fall into place.

"let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  it will not lead you astray." 
- rumi 

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