Friday, July 11, 2014


{architecture + snacks & snacks + architecture}

{add this to my list of things i'll miss about paris: mojitos in every restaurant, cafe au lait, and david's weekly sexy animal drawings}

{i'll miss this view.}

{a last visit to our favorite for goat cheese + honey crepes}

{jam shop visiting for the most tantalizing combinations (framboise + rose!)}

this week was a LONG one.  there were some good times (see above, and when i figured out some coding by myself (!!!) on SAS, a triumph for this here epi-nerd) but there were also some trying moments.  to paraphrase a friend's advice, criticism in life is always a MUCH bigger deal than the praise.  we'll always overlook those moments that we take for granted, the ones when we feel good and are coasting through life, but those ones that sting are the ones we remember.

i was scrolling through my instagram feed today and found a picture with the caption "not knowing entirely what this day might bring. i sometimes think that is the meaning of life." the first comment right underneath encouraged the picture-poster to let yourself drift.  just like my tattoo, which inspires me to keep on keepin' on, letting myself drift is a new thing i think i'll take with me from paris, from those walks along the seine, and from those moments of constructive criticism that form the proverbial all-important building blocks. 

bonsoir, my dears!

"failure is a bruise, not a tattoo." 
- jon sinclair 

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