Wednesday, July 2, 2014

amsterdam, part II.

{a first night getting the creeps at cannibale royal}

{touring the city with our personal guide :)}

{techno/electronic nomad festival}

{girlfriend date in vondelpark//de pijp & world cup craziness}


{... and i call this section "stuck"}

we arrived to amsterdam central station at 6 am monday morning in anticipation of our bright-and-early 6:18 train back to paris.  as i lingered an extra minute over the yogurt selection in the little train market, wondering which flavor would make the 3 hour train ride more enjoyable (it's the little things, amiright?), a friend came to notify us that our train had been canceled.  ANNULER, the screen said.  it wasn't until we approached the crowd that had gathered around the train company desk that i actually believed it was true.  due to train strikes, the next one back to paris would be the next day. magnifique!

we proceeded to spend the next 3 hours in the train station, delirious and happy as we ordered overnight bus tickets online (lest the train strike continued throughout the rest of the week).  we wandered the city in a way that was new to me: slowly, without many plans, and drunk-off-our-one-hour-of-sleep. we rented bikes from our hostel and felt uber dutch... until we approached a busy road.

no matter how i saw amsterdam this second time, one thing is for sure: i love that city! i know it often gets a bad rap, but it has that laid-back, casual-cool atmosphere that is my favorite.  i'm also sure it didn't help that we coincidentally came on a weekend when holland played a big game in the world cup or that we went to a music festival a la the locals :)

a few favorites:
a trip to the rijksmuseum
yoghurt barn deliciousness 
a little stop by cafe de jaren
albert cuyp market for strolling

 "if we would only see that all limitations are self-imposed and chosen out of fear, we would leap at once." 
- adyashanti

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