Sunday, July 13, 2014

a brother visit

{ a coffee shop // concept store i've been trying to get to all summer: merci}

{an afternoon in giverny visiting monet's gardens}

{a late train home // egg foie gras aperitif + a good meal to end the day}

after picking K up from the airport on saturday morning at 7 am, we sat at a cafe sipping cafe au lait and waited for his hotel check-in time of 9.  i taught him every french word i knew, pointing at words on the menu on the wall and waving "gauche et droite." i dragged him to giverny, an hour's train ride that was spent standing in the middle row of the train as a result of a last minute arrival to the train tracks.  the gardens were tres jolie; i still don't understand how they keep so many flowers blooming all at once!  at the end of the day, with a late train home back into the city and a wonderful dinner with friends in montmarte, he told me he probably couldn't have digested more than flowers and fresh french air because of the 1 hour of sleep he had on the red-eye flight from atlanta.  what a trooper.

"little things, make big days." 
- isabel marant 

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