Monday, May 26, 2014

things i learned in paris // this weekend.

{les catacombes}

{honey + goat cheese crepes = life changing}

{eiffel tower // les invalides strolling}

{montmartre for le sacre-coeur // 

{flea market at porte de clignancourt}

o1. never say "meet at vague pre-determined point" when you are in a tourist-ridden city and "pre-determined" is the sacre-coeur, a church that probably receives millions of visitors a year.  we arrived to one of the many entrances of the church without cell service and proceeded to wait 45 minutes while we hoped and prayed that our friends had sought the same entrance as well.

o2. i was afraid that i wouldn't be able to survive without peanut butter in paris before i arrived, but then i decided that i would forgo my favorite spread all summer to live a la parisians. and theeeeeeen i found speculoos.

o3. the eiffel tower = times square paris

o4. parisian dogs are SO OBEDIENT! about 80% walk next to their owners sans leash, and follow his or her every move on the street. and i'm talking little dogs, too! not just the smart ones!

o5. i paid a little less than 2 euros to use the bathroom this weekend. does this mean my pee is worth that much too?

some recent favorites:
the most delicious french dinner at cafe constant
creperie josselin for goat cheese + honey crepes
chocolatier maison georges larnicol in montmartre

"be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow."
- anonymous 

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