Tuesday, May 13, 2014

# amygoesabroad


i'm glad i already run this little space on the interwebs, or else i'd have to make a new blog.  alternative titles for the travel-abroad blog that unfortunately will never come to fruition: 
  • "my summer without peanut butter"
  • "random french words learned in duo lingo"
  • "i didn't pack shorts because french people don't and i'm trying to fit in"
  • "the summer i forced dairy upon my stomach" 

spring came and went and i was too busy in the library to notice... and according to the library thermometer it's still winter.  in conclusion my internal temperature is going bonkers.

i'm having a bit of a ridiculous time trying to get a visa for my trip to switzerland amidst these final exams, and GUYS, it's just a pain! can't my mother just write the swiss consulate a letter vouching for my character? i swear the worst thing i've done isn't even half as bad as my brother locking me in the closet and force feeding me dog food.

french words are really hard to pronounce, especially when i'm primed to put a spanish accent on everything i say in a language that is not my own.  yo tengo pantelones, s'il vous plait!

and finally, a thank you to new york: for everything you've taught me thus far. i'll be gone half as long as i've been in you (what), but you'll always be my number 1. keep cool this summer (doubtful, because global warming).

"see the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see."
- wayne dyer 

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