Wednesday, February 20, 2013

good for the soul.

look at that depth of field! that aperture! THAT SHUTTER SPEED!

last night, i went to a photography class here in nashville, courtesy of a groupon my brother bought for me for christmas (A+, kev!).  because it took place in a small conference room above a tiny bar, the only photo subjects we had to work with were the participants sitting across from us - two of whom my friend and i presumed were totaaaally hitting it off the entirety of the class.  holllllla at us, dear sir and miss, when you want "this is how we met" pictures for your wedding slideshow. done and done.

it was such a wonderful way to refuel my photo-taking fire, and it came at the perfect time.  even though i've been accepted into grad school - which is essentially the culmination of my life the past 4 years - life lately has still felt hurried and rushed.  i've promised myself that i'm going to focus more on relishing the smaller parts of life that make me happy: capturing small moments via my lens, hot yoga meditating to wake me up in the morning, and cherishing those once-in-a-lifetime friends who forgo judgment and scrutiny when listening to your own daily struggles.

so expect to see more photo walking, more photo talking, and overall more examples of my photo fails and triumphs.  that being said, look forward to my photo walk #1 - in NYC this friday! so ecstatic for a weekend with my sister, my boy, and my favorite city :)

"pleasures that are in themselves innocent lose their power of pleasing if they become the sole or main object of pursuit."
- william edward hartpole lecky

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