Friday, October 5, 2012

the times, they are a-changin'.

i think it's crazy that i'm old enough to have collected real memories and made real relationships - not that the relationships you make when you're five aren't "real"; friendships built over sandboxes and barbie dolls aren't something you should mess with.  but i'm old enough to have loved someone and lost someone, to say that 15 years ago i watched "doug" and "rugrats" on saturday mornings, to look at my high school soccer trophies with a real sense of nostalgia, and to say "dang, i REALLY miss playing with pogs!"(anyone? anyone? or am i just a home-schooled jungle-freak who is just a less-hot version of regina george?)

i was going through my old pictures in iphoto the other day and i found these drawings i did my senior year of high school for my portfolio (side note: creator of said iphoto invented the application during my childhood AND then proceeded to pass away a few years ago... aka i'm old reminder #5 and 6, respectively).  i really miss drawing; it was my way of tuning out the world while tuning it in at the same time.  i was able to block everything i deemed superfluous out, while at the same time, bringing it in, as the state of mind that resulted allowed me to think in a more constructive and rational manner.  as weird as this sounds, the lines i drew seemed to emanate from a dream-like state of mind.  

i was in drawing at the beginning of this semester, but decided to forgo it because i wanted to commit myself to other things outside the classroom.  i see this blog as my creative outlet nowadays.  although sometimes it does feel like a treat when i indulge in the daily blog post, it's something that makes me really happy. and isn't that the point of this little thing called life? 

"i found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn't say any other way - things i had no words for." 
- georgia o'keeffe

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