Friday, October 12, 2012

funny, the way it is.

  1. the above song is one of my faves right now, but i just found out that the dude won american idol. awkward. also, dear songwriter/singer, did your parents realize that they named you your last name minus the "s"? 
  2. my parents come today for parent's weekend!
    1. cons: great interrogation by said parents about life plans
    2. pros: great food from said parents over talk of life plans
  3. my stats professor said yesterday, and i quote, "mark twain used to say that you should lock your children in a closet until the age of 16, and feed them through a little hole. and then when they get to 16 you plug up the hole." 
    1. note: this had nothing to do with statistics.
  4. the nytimes does a splendid job of freakin' me out.  (cue future plans here). hip hip hoooray!
have a wonderful weekend.

"for every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
- ralph waldo emerson

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