Tuesday, August 26, 2014


saturday // 

{grabbing a quick breakfast at torvehallerne, copenhagen's indoor market}

{exploring the rundetarn, an astronomical observatory commissioned by christian iv}

{my walk to the beautiful nyhavn}



sunday // 

{grod and norrebro}

{the walk from rosenberg slot and gardens to the little mermaid, through amalienborg palace}

{a last stop at the design museum and cafe paludan}

as of this weekend, travel to a foreign city alone can now be crossed off my bucket list.  i arrived to copenhagen late friday night and made the 30 minute walk from central station to my hostel in norrebro.  as i sat at the bar waiting in line to check in, i struck up a conversation with a chick from seattle (woo americans), who gave me some tips and tricks on what to do and what not to miss in this scandinavian bubble.  after exchanging numbers and learning that she was an avid collector of area codes ("i once met a guy who had THOUSANDS of tattoos on his body and one said '802,' so i asked him where he was from, and he said VERMONT, of all places! HAH, amiright?"), i made my way to my 6-bed-female dorm and called it an early night.

traveling alone made me hyper-aware of my organization skills, my penchant for fitting in as much as humanly possible into a 48-hour period, and my ability to organize all of my outings around meals. priorities, people.  the first morning, i made my way to torvehallerne, an indoor market with a wonderful assortment of baked goods and sweets, and a place that i would definitely frequent if i called myself danish.  after eating my weight in pastries, i wandered over to the water to check out the hyped-up nyhavn and saunter through the island of christianshavn to hit up a street food market for lunch.  what struck me most was not only the fact that EVERY SINGLE FEMALE (blonde and blue-eyed female, to be exact) was wearing black and white nikes with her casually thrown together ensemble, but also the understated but effortless aesthetic of every shop and building i walked past.  there's a reason why the swedish and ikea go together like bread and butter. 

pre-copenhagen, i went through my ritual stalking of every travel blog i could find on the "best of" the city and stumbled upon a plethora of articles on the trials and tribulations of traveling alone.  while i knew that i wouldn't get bored (you're traveling... duh), lonely (there's a reason it's called traveling... alone), or lost (sup iphone), i often felt self-conscious about meeting fellow travelers.  although i'm outgoing and talkative once you get to know me, i do feel more reserved and introverted when i'm by myself.  despite my fears, this short trip did wonders for me.  i chatted up area-code chick, got breakfast with a girl from london from my hostel, and even shared tables with a college student at cafe paludan! basic, but big strides for this girl.  although i was only there for 2 days, my fears were quelled and i know that, if i had to, i could do this thing alone if i wanted.  

the only thing i didn't get to do is visit the number one rated restaurant in all of the world... so i'll definitely be back :) 

"anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."
- j.k. rowling

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