Monday, January 20, 2014

scenes from the weekend.

{west village food tour}

{a trip to the met}

{a hike in staten island // a birthday night}

{the ace hotel decor}

you're KILLING me west village! your streets are so warm and your sweets are so wonderful.  a west village food tour that my roommates had secretly doubted would be fun (one word: haters) turned out to be the most fun, albeit glutinous, activity of the weekend.  we saw the building where the show friends was filmed, the city's narrowest apartment, pretty carriage houses, and lots and lots of hipsters. we ate the city's best pizza and ridiculous rice balls and the softest bagel and the most moist cupcakes and the chewiest macaroons and the crunchiest canolies.  and then we swore off food for the next 24 hours (until we got home, of course). 

now on to the next semester! and another polar vortex

"we write to taste life twice."
- anais nin

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