Tuesday, October 22, 2013

queens county farm museum.

the northeast basically owns the season of fall.  october and november decorations here are on par with the hallmark-ization of christmas time, and the weather is something you just can't beat.  give me a reason to wear jeans, boots, a light sweater, and a scarf any day and i'm a happy girl.  where i grew up (florida) was not blessed with seasons, where i went to school freshman year (maine) only has one (cold as shit), and where i went to school the rest of the time (nashville) couldn't make up its mind (snow one day, sweltering heat the next). 

thank you new york for that consistency. and for forcing 7 friends and me onto a queens bound bus for 2 hours for the nearest pumpkin patch.  the roommates and i just posted a map on the wall of the greater NYC area so we can pin where we've been. aannnnnd this pumpkin patch isn't even on it. it's whatever.

"i feel that the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." 
- jonas salk 

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