Friday, October 11, 2013

dear new york life,

so far, i feel as if we have a LOVE LOVE LOVE / hate relationship.

i'll go through phases where i'm all if i have to listen to one more lecture on focus groups again...

^^^ but then i get to listen to my new epidemiology role models wax poetic on the soda ban and actually have fun drawing a systems map and think OH MY GOD infectious disease causation is cool.

and THEN i'm all if i see a squished rat on the sidewalk one more time....

^^^but then i go to a sara bareilles concert on a school night at radio city with my lovely ladies and can't believe this is my life.

and THEN when i think i'm FINALLY over it and i'm all if i have to buy 3 packs of gum at a bodega one more time to reach the credit card limit of 10 dollars...

^^^i remember how lucky i am that my family is so near (and how my sister is more than willing to try the ramen with me down the street).

and then i take a look around my hood....

and wonder how i EVER doubted where i chose to live. 

"stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive."
- anonymous 

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