Friday, August 30, 2013


orientation week was a long one.  fire-safety-talks and how-to-use-the-library-talks and how-to-not-get-hit-by-the-subway-talks were bookended by inspiring "TED talk-esque" public health leaders rallying us to help cure AIDS and put an end to the obesity epidemic.  whatever inspiration we derived from this week, one thing was for sure: it was the first time in a while that most of us were thrown headfirst into an uncomfortable new setting.  why do we still feel antsy? we asked ourselves.  we're blessed with the security of our beloved apartments and our impending master's degrees! we said. but we're diving headfirst into the unknown, into a complex, albeit well-loved field that makes no promises for us 2 years down the road.  it makes sense that we're still uncomfortable.

so instead of attending a talk on how to use the library (again), we trekked south to hester street fair's hester nights in chelsea.  and instead of staying for the michael jackson video montage inside the lobby of the eventi hotel, we walked the high line and soaked in this night that made us so grateful to call ourselves new yorkers.

inspiration from the john mayer concert on wednesday night (!!):
"make sure you celebrate yourself.  there are a lot of shitty moments in life, so when life is good, celebrate it."
- john mayer 

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