Tuesday, August 20, 2013

new home sweet home.

{the red rooster, harlem}

it has been a full year since i started this blog.  over that time, i've received mixed reviews - my favorite of the mix being "...and why do you write a blog again...?" 

my reasoning, as i explained to those dubious interrogators, fluctuated depending on the day: either "because it's fun!" or "i like to write!" or "i LoOoOve pictures!" i don't think my life is more exciting than the lives of others or carries more weight or is more deserving of documentation.  this little space i've created is simply a happy hobby i'm hooked on.  

so after my brief hiatus and a rejuvenating summer, i'm back to it!  with a new look (to stay this time!) and in the best city in the world. 
"i remember walking across sixty-second street one twilight that first spring, or the second spring, they were all alike for a while. i was late to meet someone but i stopped at lexington avenue and bought a peach and stood on the corner eating it and knew that i had come out of the west and reached the mirage. i could taste the peach and feel the soft air blowing from a subway grating on my legs and i could smell lilac and garbage and expensive perfume and i knew that it would cost something sooner or later - because i did not belong there, did not come from there - but when you are twenty-two or twenty-three, you figure that later you will have a high emotional balance, and be able to pay whatever it costs. i still believed in possibilities then, still had the sense, so peculiar new york, that something extraordinary would happen any minute, any day, any month." 
- joan didion

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