Sunday, November 18, 2012

turkey break travels, part I.

1 sister loves me \ 2 mom and pops cheesin \ 3 palm tree obsessed \ 4 sister hates me \ 5 solo shots \ 6 artsy attempt \ 7 artsy attempt part two \ 8 my parent's first apartment in miami beach circa 1988 \ 9 bonding sessions \ 10 mini coconuts my dad collected when he was young \ 11 obsessed \ 12 obsessed part two \ 11 calling in the brother to make it a family affair. 

written in miami on our hotel balcony this morning:

DRINKING: my morning coffee, small dash of soy, 2 splendas

EATING: a guava-cheese pastry from the cuban cafe

LISTENING TO: the waves crashing against the beach below

READING: my dad's old new york times magazines i salvaged from the house

WISHING: i could stay here always

HOPING: you are enjoying your break as well.

"some of the best memories are made in flip flops."
- kellie elmore 

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