Monday, November 12, 2012

carolina on my mind.

{my single, solitary picture from elon}

{chapel hill randomness}

you know what is the greatest thing about having a blog? you only need to salvage, like, 6 pictures TOPS for a post to come to fruition.  aka my jank camera this weekend only produced a few pictures that weren't blurry. but not to worry. those pictures, like the people contained in them, are gems. see above. 

i love visiting people at their respective colleges. i get to see the backdrop in which the people i love have been flourishing for the past 4 years: the library they trudged home from at 3 in the morning before that econ test, the dorm they nervously moved into freshman year, the psych department building that became their second home. 

not to mention that whenever my high school friends and i get together, we can pick up right back where we left off, like we were never separated at all. we can talk about how ricky pooped his space suit at space camp (hi ricky!), or about how miserable those 3 weeks were when we thought summer camp was a good idea.  we can talk about how i was once grounded for a month because a football player decided to climb on top of my stove and break the glass (TRINITY PREP FOOTBALL CHAMPS 09!!!).  we can also talk about how cool it is that although we're growing up, we're not growing apart.  there's that whole "i knew you when you were pre-pubescent and brace-faced!" thing going on, and that's pretty freaking cool. you guys are the peanut butter to my jelly, the macaroni to my cheese, the broken stove to my house party.  

i've got schoolwork up to my knees this week, but thanksgiving break starts on friday morning! considering my break consists of miami beach and atl, i'm not complaining. AND graduate school applications, but we'll just ignore those for the moment.

"time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters."

- margaret peters

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