Sunday, August 19, 2012

things i will miss.

{moments like these}

{this old house}

{our wonderful can't-say-enough-good-things-about summer mama}

{this rambunctious group}

and things i will not:
boxed lunches 
house centipedes
hot philly morning walks to work 

my flight back to orlando was the typical flight back to orlando - delayed 3 hours because of summer thunder storms (when is it not thunder storming in orlando...?) and babies going to disney world who managed to scream the entirety of the flight.  a young child decided to narrate the last 30 minutes of our flight descending into the city, and notified the whole airplane of each and every "landmark" he could see from his window. DISNEY WORLD!!! WAL-MART!!!!! HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FIELD!!!! 

he completely interrupted my ben rector "i can't believe i'm going to be back in nashville soon" playlist.   and he actually made me scared for the first time in my life as we were landing - "ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT?!?" (i've been watching wayyyyyyy too much LOST). but his antics are so familiar and so indicative of home.  as we landed on the airstrip, i decided i wouldn't want to land any other way. 

"the question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humor, and style."
- maya angelou

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