Tuesday, December 22, 2015

city of angels

{downtown wandering}

{the broad}


{los leones hiking}

{malibu post-hike}

{griffith park}

{a holiday market, a mexican blanket adventure, and a vegan dinner}

realization: you become most like the tv shows you watch, the things that you read, and the people with whom you surround yourself.

stupid example: a few months ago i was in a deep binge of an old season of the bachelorette (cue judgement). sometimes i just really enjoy the mind numbing ridiculousness that is a one-on-one date via private jet and empty, decked-out mansion.

during said binge, i found myself having the craziest thoughts: why isn't MY boyfriend bringing me out to dinner every night? did he look at that girl a few seconds too long? why is EVERYONE so much prettier than i am? WILL WE EVER HAVE A LOVE AS DEEP AS SEAN AND CATHERINE!??! (side note: props for the half asian representation on a mainstream reality dating show.)

recently, i've taken more to the genre of a mid-30 housewife, or a show called "fixer upper." this show follows the lives of chip and joanna gaines, a texas couple that lives on a ranch in waco with 4 children and goats and cats and puppies. they take a couple that is looking for a house in a nicer neighborhood than they could typically afford and find a "fixer upper" to demolish and revamp. chip is the ginger demolition god, and joanna is the half asian (WOOT) goddess of interior decor.

this time, instead, i found myself obsessed with the layout of various buildings that i walked into. thoughts during brunch: babe, if this restaurant took down this wall, don't you think it would create better flow? thoughts at work: this wall could really use an extra layer of paint. thoughts at home: if i took a saw to this table and got some sandpaper i could really work some magic.


cue my trip to LA: a beautiful 3 days of sizzle reels and paparazzi, man buns and artisans, a perfectly placed succulent on every hairpin-legged, organic wooden table sourced from the forests of indonesia. my main chick brings out the hiker in me, the foodie and the explorer, the person who scoffs at "concept spaces" and enjoys a BEC as much as i do. it was glorious.

"be stingy with your time and spend it in spaces that fill you up." 
- janet mock

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