Monday, September 7, 2015

taking stock: september.

making: a few more of these to fill up shop
cooking: working my way through this guy with a friend - 1 recipe down, 34335938 to go
drinking: homemade lattes & lots and lots of afternoon tea = saving money, working life style
reading: all the light we cannot see with the rest of the literate world & my book club
watching: an episode (or 2, or 3, or 4...) of arrested development
wanting: to figure out life's next step
looking: forward to fall in DC
wasting: away time while i relish my new-to-me homework-free weekends
wishing: this three-day-weekend could last longer
enjoying: a new foodie scene in philadelphia
waiting: for J to finish studying so we can go to the market
liking: the murals all over philadelphia
wondering: if my right knee will hold up during my next half marathon
loving: when we run into J's new school friends, and how every time "they've heard a lot about me"
hoping: this week turns out to be an easy one
marveling: at how i can never escape tourists, no matter the city i live in (orlando.... nyc.... dc...)
needing: a few shots of espresso
smelling: that quintessential city summer smell
wearing: working girl's clothes, "business casual" if you will
following: all the new fiber art artisans i can follow
knowing: that everything takes time
feeling: hopeful.

*inspired by here

"it's so hard to leave - until you leave. and then it's the easiest goddamned thing in the world."
- john green, paper towns  

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