Tuesday, May 5, 2015

this weekend // an NYC bucket list

{streetbird nyc // central harlem}

{williamsburg and manhattan wandering}

{a boat cruise that took us by the statue of liberty 6 times}

something big happened this weekend guys: i finally accepted the fact that i will never enjoy wearing a pair of high heeled shoes.  after spending an excruciating few hours in some 2-inchers (borrowed from a friends closet), i came home the next day and bid farewell to the lonely last pair of my high heeled collection to which i had always whispered, "one day," a phrase often heard by the kid picked last in gym class.  also that night, in my vodka and soda infused stupor, i thought i had lost my friends scarf that i had borrowed and proceeded to order her a new one online.  of course, when i divulged her with this information, she laughed and said she had picked it up at the bar.  i'm never leaving the house again. 

in the same vein of ridding myself of all things that do not bring me comfort (i.e. heels), i have become quite obsessed with tidying up my little room here in harlem.  maybe it's because i'm moving soon and the thought of dragging all that crap cross-region is horrifying?  maybe it's because i like the validation of successfully selling an article of clothing at one of those trendy williamsburg thrift shops?  for those who ever attempt the latter, i'll have you know that the only thing they took last time that i brought two garbage bags full of clothing was a see-through tank top that i had bought in london last summer for 2 pounds.  jaw dropped to the floor, i proceeded to drag my overflowing garbage bags to the donation store around the corner.  i'm not bitter at all.

here's to finishing my thesis, earning my master's degree in 14 days, and comfortable, flat-footed shoes. 



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