Tuesday, January 13, 2015

warm, here.

{orl --> mia}

{mia --> death}

i've been staying with my sister the past week and a half in sunny miami beach, and it has been pretty glorious.  her friends have been asking her after learning of my stay, ".... isn't she bored?" because all my sister and her friends do is sit in the library knee deep in rheumatology medical notes.  do they really think i would be doing anything different if i were back home in orlando?  (i.e. watching every episode of the past season of top chef, any movie on netflix that has a pretty cover, each painstakingly long episode of the bachelor.... and applying for jobs).  the answer is nein, and the only difference would be that a pretty little puppy would be sitting on my lap and it would be 10 degrees colder.  you do the math. 

tomorrow, i fly from the warm 80 degree weather that i have been enjoying to a temperature that will probably fall somewhere in the tweens.  if my presence on social media (or my hands) fall off, you will know why.

"do your thing and don't care if they like it."
- tina fey

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