Sunday, October 12, 2014

play-doh & poster presentations

{upper east side wandering // jeff koons at the whitney}

{cousin korea-town dinner dates}

{practicum presentin'! and five glasses of wine}

{bill hader + the worst moderator ever at the new yorker festival}

{college reunions in the big apple}

{birthday brunch celebrations + delicious shakshuka}

{roomie mochi making}

{from uptown to downtown to the east and the west}

lately, i've been uptown for classes and downtown for dinner and on another island for weekends and everywhere in between.  although life has been all over the place, i'm still taking time to cross the best off my bucket list and slow down to enjoy the little things. 

"you are no one's project.  regard anyone who sees you as such with deep skepticism.

the bad and good rush in together.

.....there will be whole stretches of time when everything feels unnerving and terrifying and deeply unsettling.  but you must keep going. you must show up. you must pace yourself. and when given the chance to say hello, you must take it. 

....surround yourself with people smarter than you.

you gotta keep going.  moving in a specific direction.... because the landscape will shift when you least expect it.  but as there's not predicting when, or how, it's often a long and lonely trek.  but there are good blind curves. good things do happen, and the terrain does transform.  and it means more for the wait."

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