Monday, September 22, 2014


{back to my hood & silly times with the boy}

{taking advantage of the last few weeks of sun: picnics in the park}

{mighty mutts at the mercedes club}

{america's got talent finale at radio city}

{adventures with soul cycle & a new waffle maker & hot pot & toby's estate coffee}

{a foster puppy week}

{an obligatory first fall smorgasborg}

it's only been two weeks since i've been home from abroad and i still feel like it was a really long dream.  in addition, missing the first week of classes didn't really help.  although these two weeks have been full of playing catch-up with work, it's also been full of playing catch-up with dear friends that i missed, mostly via central park picnics and plentiful puppy playing and food-truck adventures. and with J's new apartment being 8 streets away from kent and 7th ave, i know i'll be smorgasborg-ing it up all fall long. 

"you are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful; something not everyone knows how to love." 
- warsan shire 

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