Saturday, June 14, 2014

day-trip to amsterdam.

featured above: a short day-trip to amsterdam last weekend.  we arrived to the anne frank house (which opened at 9:00 am) at 8:50 and STILL waited 1+ hours.... but it's a must-see, for sure.  we ate the best apple pie in all of the netherlands and strolled through the canal-lined and bike-filled streets.  at night, we wandered through the red light district, and were still exclaiming "THAT'S WHAT THAT IS?!" 30 minutes later over thai food at a cute little snack bar.  never-have-i-ever felt more sheltered (or more clothed, comparatively) in my 23 years.  nonetheless, a beautiful city that is definitely worth a trip. 

"she is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. loving her is a splendid adventure." 
- steve maraboli

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