Saturday, April 5, 2014

life lately.

{rockwood music hall // the meatball shop}

{the bowery mural}

{a tumultuous ;) roomie scavenger hunt at the MoMa}

{doughnut plant obsessed // some lightened up hair for summer}

i have to constantly remind myself that one of my favorite things to do in the entire universe is go to a tiny concert at a tiny music venue - definitely something i picked up from my nashville college days.  a few of us ventured south to rockwood music hall on tuesday night to see johnny stimson (what a babe) play a set.  as odd as this sounds, i love watching people watch people perform.  as we hovered above the stage on the balcony sipping our drinks, we had an all-access pass to watch the audience as we pleased.  the best, by far, was watching mr. stimson's daddio himself bob his head and mouth the words to the songs his son sang on stage.  the only difference was that johnny was wearing peplum cheetah pants and silver nike high tops,  and daddio definitley wasn't. but i digress.

we then made our way to the meatball shop and i had some of the best balls of my LIFE along with a SNICKERDOODLE AND BROWN SUGAR ICE CREAM sandwich (i'm trying to train myself to eat dairy because... paris) and we sat at the table next to LEIGHTON MEESTER AND ADAM BRODY aka Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen and i giggled like a 10-year-old schoolgirl as we drank our water for 45 minutes just so my body could be in the vicinity of such gods.  and when we finally got up at 11:45 to make the trek back uptown, THEY GOT UP TOO, and then we giggled like 10-year-old schoolgirls on the corner of the street as they crossed the street arm-in-arm, wrangling up the courage to ask for a picture, and when i attempted to slyly take a picture of them from the backside, adam (first name basis, ya see) turned around AND GIGGLED AT ME and i screeched and ran in the other direction.

new york stole my heart again.

"enthusiasm moves the world." 
- arthur balfour

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