Friday, May 17, 2013

ooooooh, chicago.

{architecture boat tour}

{the loop & millennium park exploring}

{friend-loving // chicago-dog-finding adventures}

{evanston chillin}

i have always heard wonderful things about chicago.  the city was always so elusive, like new york's second-sister-twice-removed who everyone always talked about but whom i had yet to meet.  it's beautiful!  they'd say.  it's like new york, but prettier!  more spacious.  more breathing room.  deep dish pizza.  the bean.

i finally had the chance to visit chicago this past weekend, and BOY does it live up to the hype.  i fell in love with the tulip-lined sidewalks around every street corner and the blue-green lake michigan at everyones' fingertips and THE ART, you guys!  so much art to feast my art-hungry eyes upon.  we weren't able to enjoy deep dish pizza - everything that is quintessential chicago - and were surprised we weren't banned from the city when we asked giordano's if they could make it sans cheese.  we spent a night watching a comedy show at second city, and they even used my suggested "interesting word" in an improv sketch about a horny swedish school teacher.  my word was titillating. 

over the weekend, i kept reminding myself that it is usually minus 39 degrees in the city, and isn't dubbed "the windy city" for nothing.  nonetheless, you done good chicago - i'll be back. 

thank you melanie for a wonderful stay :)

"travel brings power and love back into your life." 
- rumi

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